Predictive Vedic Astrology – Foundation Course

Predictive Vedic Astrology – Foundation Course

Instructor: Hanish BaggaLanguage: A mix of Hindi and English

About the course

– A 3 months foundation course to start your journey as a vedic astrologer
The class will be led by Hanish Bagga a renowned Astrologer and Astro-Vastu expert
Mode of Instruction: English
Date: 16th March 2023 Thursday 8:30 PM to 10 PM (IST)
Fees: INR 20,000 + GST = INR 23,600/-

About the Course:
The configuration of the planets at the time you were born presents a map of your life and the set of tools you have been given to enact the drama of your life to its fullest capacity.
No one person has constant periods of good or bad luck. The cycles of time touch our lives in their own unique way.
Vedic Astrology empowers you to better understand yourself and interpret the obstacles and good fortune coming your way. Armed with a better interpretation of the future, you will have more strength when needed to tackle the obstacles and a more open heart for good fortune.
This Foundation Course trains counselors and teachers of Vedic Astrology. This course is the first and most essential step toward becoming a Vedic Astrologer.

1.    Vedic Philosophy regarding Karma and Soul’s journey
2.    The Overview of Vedic Astrology
3.    The Navagraha - The Nine Planets
4.    Rahu Ketu - the Shadow Planets of Past life
5.    Rashis - The signs of the Zodiac and the Solar Influence
6.    Houses – The palaces of life
7.    Aspects in vedic astrology
8.    Bhawat  Bhawam
9.    Planetary Dasha System, a Unique System to Vedic Astrology that Relates to Times of Life and Events
10.    Transits - How Planets Travel through the Sky
11.    Remedial Measures
12.    Chart Analysis

Salient Points about the Course
1.    Suitable for practicing astrologers and beginners alike
2.    A step-by-step method to predict the strengths and weaknesses of a person and future events.
3.    At the end of the course, you will be able to perform a chart reading for your clients, friends and relatives and suggest them basic remedies

Who should attend?
1.    This course is suited for both freshers and experienced astrologers.
2.    If you are an aspiring astrologer this masterclass is for you



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