Two days Workshop on Vimshottari Dasha
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Two days Workshop on Vimshottari Dasha cover

Two days Workshop on Vimshottari Dasha

Instructor: Astrologer Hanish Bagga

Language: A mix of Hindi and English

Valid Till: 2025-05-20

₹5000.00 excluding 18% GST

Instructor: Astrologer Hanish Bagga

Date: 25th May 2024 & 26th May 2024

Time: 1:00  PM to 4:00 PM (Saturday & Sunday)

Duration: 6 Hours

Language: A mix of Hindi and English

Instructor: Astrologer Hanish Bagga

Course content

Day 1: Understanding the Cosmic Clockwork

Session 1: Navigating through Planetary period in Vimshottri Dasha System

  • Brief overview of Vimshottari Dasha System
  • Major and minor planetary periods: Explained
  • Significance of planetary periods in predictions


Session 2: Mapping the Planetary Influences

  • Identifying the ruling planet: Birth chart analysis
  • The interconnected web of planetary periods
  • Case studies: Real-life examples of planetary influences


Session 3: Beneficial and Challenging Planetary Dashas

  • Recognizing harmonious planetary combinations
  • Detecting potential challenges in planetary dashas
  • Strategies to navigate through challenging times


Day 2: Predicting the Future with Precision

Session 4: Predicting Specific Life Aspects

  • Unveiling career opportunities through planetary periods
  • Financial insights: Prosperous and cautious phases
  • The art of predicting marriage prospects and health outcomes

Session 5: Synthesizing Insights for Holistic Predictions

  • Integrating multiple planetary influences for accurate predictions
  • Creating a comprehensive predictive analysis

Session 6: Practical Application and Case Studies

  • Applying Vimshottari Dasha System to real-life cases
  • Analyzing birth charts with participants' input
  • Q&A session for interactive learning
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